Zesty Zucchini Dip

Makes 3 cups

3 medium zucchini, washed and cut into chunks
1 bunch scallions, including green parts, trimmed and cut into chunks
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
1 cup low-fat plain yogurt
1/2 cup of Silver Palate Gazpacho Salsa


In a food processor, combine zucchini with scallions and, using on-off pulses, process until mixture is a coarse purée. Transfer mixture to a clean cotton towel, gather up edges and squeeze out all excess liquid. Turn into a mixing bowl, add salt and pepper. Combine yogurt and Silver Palate Gazpacho Salsa in processor and blend until smooth. Stir yogurt salsa into zucchini mixture, transfer to a bowl and serve with chips or raw vegetables.

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