Our Story

We at the Silver Palate Kitchens have a passion for good simple food. We love the taste of homemade -- pure and natural. In all our products and recipes we blend heart and soul, a bit of our own instincts and ingenuity, and only the best highest quality ingredients.It all started 35 years ago, when a wondrous jewel of a food store opened on Manhattan's Upper West Side. It was named The Silver Palate. It opened with a pure and simple idea -- to prepare delicious and great looking food from only the best natural ingredients available.  It was started by two women, Julee Rosso & Sheila Lukins, who had a passion for good simple food.    It was a one-stop magic for a home cooked meal. They cooked fresh every day, used the best, highest quality ingredients and enjoyed the enthusiastic support of the neighborhood. This was the beginning of The Silver Palate.With their commitment to constant quality, their reputation grew and as word spread of The Silver Palate's magical recipes, the idea was born to package some of the condiments - like Good Old Apricot Mustard Sauce, Balsamic Country Salad Splash, Sweet & Rough Mustard and Spiced Cranberry Apple Chutney. The secret was that if you could marinate, glaze, sauté, spread, dip, splash, toss or drizzle any of the condiments on meat, poultry, fish or vegetables,  they would magically give a home cooked meal a  truly exciting flavor.Thus was born The Silver Palate Kitchen's line of original Salad Splash dressings, cooking sauces, dessert toppings and chutneys made by hand, in small batches, under the most rigorous standards. It was another instant hit. And for a good reason.  As life was becoming more complex and women increasingly had to balance the demands of work and family, Silver Palate foods offered them a way to have it all... the chance to easily create inspired homemade meals in their own kitchens, for friends and family. Cooking with The Silver Palate products was like having a friend helping you in the kitchen.Today, the tradition lives on. The times have changed, but our commitment to great food made of the highest quality ingredients has not. We continue to offer a broad line of products updated for today's tastes and a way of life. We've blended flavors from around the world to infuse taste and excitement into contemporary lighter fare -- the kind of food you can enjoy every day. Products, with premium quality ingredients that you can pronounce, robust spices and fresh flavors and a spark of flavor which will make you feel like a wizard in the kitchen.Please try our products, use them to make delicious homemade meals within minutes in your favorite recipes or ours. And let us know how you like them. We want to hear from you. You can visit us on Facebook, share your recipes or simply tell us what you like and what we can do to make your experience more enjoyable. Peter Harris, President and CEO,Silver Palate Kitchens